Liquefied Natural Gas

LNG is Clean, Safe, Reliable and Cost-effective

The main properties of LNG

LNG is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive and non-toxic.
When LNG is exposed to atmospheric temperatures and pressure, it vaporizes to about 600 times its liquid volume which makes it very safe.

LNG has a very low temperature of around minus 160°C
LNG is less than half the weight of water

Liquefied Natural Gas Value Chain
The LNG Value Chain consists of four main links:

  1. Exploration and Production
  2. Liquefaction
  3. Shipping & Logistics
  4. Receiving and Distribution

*LNG can be shipped internationally by tankers ships and by ISO tank Containers (small-scale LNG)

What is the LNG Virtual Pipeline

LNG Virtual pipeline is used for the distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas. It brings regular deliveries of natural gas to customers and end users who are in remote locations or far from pipelines.

The LNG is supplied by cryogenic iso containers that allow natural gas to be transported in a liquid state in order to occupy reduced space. Through a regasification process normally installed at the end user site, LNG returns to its original gaseous state.

The LNG containers can be distributed to almost any ports across the world that accepts Dangerous goods. The Liquefied natural gas can be distributed by road, rail, waterways or oceanic transport and doesn’t need a dedicated import terminal.

How LNG can contribute to a responsible energy future

  • LNG is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon and one of the few energy sources that can be used across all energy sectors
  • Natural gas reserves are abundant and accessible, making LNG a reliable energy source
  • LNG infrastructure is flexible and reduces the barriers to entry for exporters and importers
  • LNG offers a cleaner and energy-efficient alternative to coal for electricity generation
  • LNG supports the integration of intermittent renewables into the energy systems
  • LNG fuels clean growth in industry
  • LNG improves air quality
  • LNG enables clean mobility
  • LNG guarantees energy security and mitigates the volatility of energy demand, including for the power generation mix.

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