About us

Our partners and collaborators are our greatest assets

At Global LNG Group we specialize in LNG procurement, LNG & Bio-LNG marketing, Small-scale LNG solutions (LNG containers and bulk carriers), Regasification and Power Generation. We also provide financing solutions and do private investments in the LNG and clean energy sector through our capital partners.

We work closely with our collaborators & partners to develop the best LNG supply solutions and Power generation projects in remote areas. We can ensure a safe, constant and reliable supply of LNG to different markets across the world.

We are developing Cleaner energy solutions for world markets

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Our clients and collaborators include integrated energy companies, power generation companies, large private corporations, LNG suppliers and producers, trading firms, LNG equipment manufacturers, small-scale power plants designer and engineers, LNG distributors, private investors, shipyards, energy consulting companies, brokerage firms, etc.

The Group has collaborated with over 50 energy companies in more than 20 countries around the world since inception. The firm’s international platform supports our affiliated companies and partners who specializes in the whole LNG supply chain (including SSLNG) and in Power generation in different markets across the world.

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Global LNG Group is an affiliate of GCE.